Taghazout: life is always better by the beach

Today makes it two weeks since I have arrived to Taghazout. Life is so chilled out here. I couldn’t imagine a life without timekeeping in London. I knew the month; the year, the day of the week…There was always a clock in front of me somewhere. I had a schedule, a routine, a time for everything. Now all of this barely exists. The only thing I worry about is getting on time to my yoga class or accomplishing to stand on my surfboard.

Taghazout is a small fishing village 19km away from the city of Agadir. The inhabitants are mostly of Berber origin and the town’s main source of income is tourism, fishing and and the production of Argan oil.

To my surprise, Taghazout is extremely vivid. Colours burst from every direction. Most of its walls are filled with artwork. Every doorway and windowsill is unique in colour, shape and design.  It has a really bohemian and peaceful touch to it, which I love. All of my senses erect when I walk around this tiny village. Even in scent, I smell colour!

For these past two weeks I have been working for a surf school (I have to say that this feels more of a holiday than work!). I have met so many interesting people whilst here. Everyone has lived different experiences, visited different parts of the world, has different point of view and has a different story to tell. Meeting all these people has made my travel impulse grow even more. This impulse is now mental and physical curiosity to see more and more. I haven’t even been here for a month but I am already thinking about what my next destination could be…

I have bought a bicycle and have started cycling to the villages nearby. Many people were surprised when I told them as I not the type of person you would see riding a bike (I am even surprised at myself at pursuing such a thing).  So far I have cycled to a village called Imi Ouaddar (7,5km away from Taghazout). This village has nothing but apartments and a beach (as many villages do here). I stopped at this resort called Paradise Plage for a smoothie. It was such a relaxed and peaceful place (but typical touristy so not much to comment). I have also cycled to a village called Tamraght (6,2km away). This is also a small Berber fishing village situated on a hillside. I decided to treat myself and went for a 1h “toning” massage. Something that would have cost me 60 euros in Europe only cost me 15 euros. I thought this was a bargain!

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